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The Shoshana S. Cardin School opened in 2003 to serve the Baltimore community. The school is dedicated to providing a challenging academic environment where Jews from all backgrounds can come together to learn and grow. In the past ten years, the school has developed a well-deserved reputation for academic excellence and religious tolerance.

Cardin is a wonderful place. It is the only school that includes Jews of every denomination, in a truly pluralistic environment. The key principle is simple: Every Jew is made in the image of G-d, and is deserving of respect on that basis. Students come into Cardin from all kinds of backgrounds, but graduate from Cardin as independent and open-minded thinkers, comfortable in their own skin, and respectful of others.

Cardin is unique in Maryland. The only alternatives for most of these students are public schools or non-Jewish private schools, where Jewish education and the study of our rich and deep heritage are nonexistent.

For these students, we approach you to help us SAVE the Shoshana S. Cardin High School, and the Jewish identity of our students. For more information, see recent coverage in the Jewish Times.

Time is very short. We have a few weeks to SAVE the School. We need your help now!

PLEASE sign the petition below, to help show your support for the continued existence of Cardin!

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